Gears on the Brain

Winding Gear in the woods

Winding gear at Stair Mine, © Copyright Eric Dalton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

My right hand, wrist, and fingers are sore and slightly swollen from all the paper-bending Wednesday. And last night I dreamed of gears–all sorts of gears made of paper and brass: reduction gears, bevel gears, rack-and-pinion gears, chain-drive gears, friction gears, sprockets, escapements, geneva mechanisms…. I guess I have this project on the brain.

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2 Responses to Gears on the Brain

  1. Colleen (MizBehavin1) says:

    Whenever you are down in the San Diego area, you should make a trip to the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum. Gears and levers and pulleys and all manner of steam, gas, & other antique mechanisms. As with the photo for this post, they make for some lovely photographic opportunities.

  2. I should be in SD in July for Comic Con. I’ll try to get my butt over there–that sounds like fun!

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