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The Steampunk Fabulists Approach…

Finished proofing my short story in CLOCKWORK FAIRY TALES. Then I skimmed the other stories, which are all amazing. First time my story in an anthology wasn’t vastly different in tone from all the others. Weird…. But the book is … Continue reading

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Look what got posted today: (click image for full size) And look whose name made it to the cover between Jay Lake and K. W. Jeter! Oh. My. DoG! I’m so excited I could die! US release is June 4 … Continue reading

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Money is Nice

I got paid for my Clockwork Fables story today. I guess that makes it official. Amazon UK says it will be out in June of 2013 (James Bassett and Stephen Antczak, editors). (no word from Amazon anything else, yet.)

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Clockworks in Wineglasses

No, really: A fellow in Poland made this by hand–right down to cutting and shaping the gears by hand. Yes, that’s a standard wine glass, not a giant one. Thanks to my husband for the original link from Make magazine. … Continue reading

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A Minor Conflict Problem

Mr. Kat worked at home yesterday and turned out to be very helpful. (This is not always the case with sigother working at home situations.) I’ve been trying to figure out why the clockwork story is having so many problems … Continue reading

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Gears on the Brain

My right hand, wrist, and fingers are sore and slightly swollen from all the paper-bending Wednesday. And last night I dreamed of gears–all sorts of gears made of paper and brass: reduction gears, bevel gears, rack-and-pinion gears, chain-drive gears, friction … Continue reading

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