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Since it’s October, I’ve been thinking about Hallowe’en. When I was a kid, this was always my favorite holiday. You got to go out after dark (yay!), get candy (more yay!), and dress up as someone or something you weren’t (Excellent!) Maybe my parents should have realized right then that I was destined to be a writer because I always wanted to dress up and be someone else and tell lies. Because writers are usually insecure loonies with word obsessions who read the dictionary for fun and find their imaginary friends more interesting than “real” people. Well, I am at least.

But back to the dressing up! I guess I’m lucky I’m female because most people don’t find it odd for little girls to play dress up or for adult women to have a closet full of clothes with which to transform themselves from whatever they do during the day to whatever they play at night (or vice versa). If I’d been male I suppose I’d have had to be a drag queen,

because I secretly crave the FAHBoolus, dahlink.

At Hallowe’en, I always dressed up as a princess…
long before Disney princesses were popular. Except for the one year I dressed up as a cat (haha) and gave myself a hairball trying to get my hands free of my adorable felt paws using my teeth.

But this year I don’t know what to dress as. I’m not the sort to dress up as a Sexy Nurse: an adorable pirate: Or even a socially-responsible, green-friendly “box Croc” (not that I’m known to be responsible or green… except when I’ve had too much to drink.)
So… I guess I’ll have to go as myself.

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3 Responses to Spooky Stuff

  1. Cyndy Otty says:

    Totally random, but when I was in high school one of the yearly projects my English teacher would assign would be to write a scene from whatever Shakespearean play we were reading that was not in the play itself – e.g., Caesar’s dream – and then we had to act it out in front of the class. Except my friends and I have horrible stage fright, so every year our group would sort of cheat each and make sock puppets. Then we would put a big sheet over the table at the front of the class and hide under it with only the puppets visible. (Bonus: we got to read from our scripts without having to figure out a way to hide them in our props like everyone else.)

    I’m not one for the slutty costume thing either, but I do love to dress up for Halloween. Not sure what I’m doing this year. Probably because I don’t even know what my plans are – if any – this year.

  2. The one year I was adult, single, AND thin all at the same time, I did actually dress “sexy” in a tight top, black mini, a two-tone black-and-white jacket, fishnets, and stiletto-heeled pumps as well as pale make-up and a long black wig to be a “rock and roll vampire”. A guy I’d once dated (who’d seen me in costumes before) didn’t recognize me when I went to hug him at a party. It was an interesting experience….

  3. Miss Bliss says:

    I always wanted to go as Dorothy Parker. I mean come ON how funny would that be? OK maybe only to us lit types but still…seriously.

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