Ready, Fence! (en garde and all that crap)

We do finally have a fence, at last!

(click for larger images, as usual.)

Well the yard is fenced. The dog run/well access is still in progress. Bella followed us around all day as Mr. Kat and I added the finishing touches to the work done by the contractor(filling in the low ground under the fence in some places, and moving rocks and bedding boards to reinforce and define the plantings and gates) and adding boards to the original 8′ privacy fence that was strangely 2′ off the ground.

It’s not a perfect and lovely job–which is not the contractor’s fault–but it will do the job so Bella can run free in the yard now.

side fence.

front fence with gate

Of course, this has exhausted Bella and she’s now sleeping on the bed.


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4 Responses to Ready, Fence! (en garde and all that crap)

  1. rae2412 says:

    That’s a heck of a lot of fencing.

  2. About 500′ all told, though the contractor only installed 370′–the rest was the back fence that already existed.

  3. Aimee says:

    Bella must be in pibble heaven with so much room to run around! My Benny only dreams of that amount of yard! (although he does get to go to the beach and splash in Lake Michigan)!

  4. What a happy dog Benny must be! We can’t take her to the dog beach–other people freak out and so does she. She loves water, but not when she has to wear a flotation jacket, collar, leash, and be stared at by other dogs. Thus: the big yard to make up for not being able to go out to the dog parks.

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