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Drat that Dictionary

My word processor has suddenly decided that it does not like the way I spell “grey” and has taken to automatically changing it to “gray.” This is a small quirk that it has only recently developed and I don’t like … Continue reading

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My stepmother died Sunday night after a six-and-a-half year battle against non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was a great lady–wonderful in her imperfections. I miss her a lot. I may write more on this when I’m a little further from the event. … Continue reading

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Never rains, but it pours

Which is what the weather’s been doing in Seattle–every night. It rains until about 5 a.m. Then it pours for an hour, so loudly it rings on the deck overhead like hail. It slacks off about 6:30 a.m. The alarm … Continue reading

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The tax man cometh… and it’s September

I’m currently wrestling with tax forms to so that I don’t have to pay German taxes on the translation deal as well as US ones. Garrr! I hate forms….

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