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Writer-brain is—Squirrel!

Most years I finish the required novel the first week of the new year, turn it in, and become an exhausted, brain-dead slug. This year, that didn’t happen. I finished the novel and was happy with it. I worked on … Continue reading

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Trunk Full of Junk

I meant to be productive, but I spent the day finally unpacking all the author copies and putting them on shelves. Then I unpacked 25 years worth of old notebooks, picked a few at random, leafed through them… and returned … Continue reading

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Good or Bad… I Don’t Actually Know

I’m looking for story ideas in my virtual Story Trunk and started re-reading an SF novella from 2002… Some interesting things going on, but I’m having trouble being objective enough to decide if it’s worth re-working. Did I kill off … Continue reading

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Another Stage Done

Well, the REVENANT revision is now done. Word count rose by 10,000 words–which is a lot–bringing the total for the manuscript to 131,000 words. If my editor has no problem with that, it’ll be the longest Greywalker novel ever to … Continue reading

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Proofing and Work Space

I’ve just finished the proofs for the paperback edition of last year’s book, Possesion. Here’s the new desk and the copy stand (which is just a lightweight laptop board I’ve adapted for the purpose) while it was in use. I … Continue reading

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The End… for a while

DONE! Yes, finally and barely on time. REVENANT first draft is done at 121,100 words. 7,549 of them today, including the Pro- and Epilogues. Killed people, saved people, left wreckage by the side of the road and I think it’s … Continue reading

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I wrote 8,401 words today and only the set-up to and Big Climax (plus Pro- and Epilogue) to go. Total word count: 113,533. I don’t feel tired yet, even though I started at 11 am Saturday and it’s now 2:30 … Continue reading

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Sorry We Haven’t Talked in a While…

I’ve been a little busy. REVENANT is now at 100,000 words and set up for the run in to the climax. Just killed off a ghost and a turned Carlos back into a right, bloody bastard. Yay! Bad guy on … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh

Today’s word count (2,362 words) on the Work-in-Progress took it past the 90,000 word mark. There’s still a lot to do, but I can see the end from here, distantly, and it should be no problem to make my deadline. … Continue reading

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Dogs and Work…

On Monday I ripped out 5,200 words of the work I’d put in over the weekend and I’m only just now catching up. I realized the book had derailed at about the 30K mark and needed a major overhaul so … Continue reading

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Realized yesterday that the reason the Ms is becoming difficult and boring is… it’s broken way back at 30K. Need to go fix it and flush the past 10K or so down the drain. Feh.

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WiP-ping Along

From Friday’s addition to the WiP: Even from the outside the smooth white columns flanking the doorway in the vaulted white hall gave no hint of what lay beyond in the ill-lit gloom of the chapel. But I could see … Continue reading

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