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The Birthday Paper Project

Here is the present I made for a birthday today. It’s a paper zoetrope from Rob! Not my best job, alas, because the wheel wobbles in spite of my best efforts, but it works! See another video of the … Continue reading

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Must… Get… Treat!

Bella wants the chunk of dried sweet potato that I stuffed into the “Jolly Ball” so badly…. (warning: loud growling.)

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Bella Goes Clamming

Bella was digging on the beach a few days ago and unearthed a large clam, which squirted her. Now she is looking for some payback… Too bad, she’s not digging in the right place. Nope, not there either. Sorry Bella. … Continue reading

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Time for Daily Dog! Bella has a stick…

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Thus Endeth Tuffy

I’m at World Fantasy Convention in Toronto Canada right now, so without further ado I give you the resolution of Bella’s Epic Struggle with the Toy Bat. Thus endeth Tuffy the bat.

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Oh Bats!

Bella has a toy bat just in time for Halloween. (as always, click on images for larger sizes.) This is Tuffy, from (Crock Pot shown for scale–and because I’m lazy. Amusingly, the company calls it “Bella the Bat” but … Continue reading

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Bella likes to dig holes and then scamper madly about. This is the first time I’ve managed to catch her on video–it’s lousy, but it’s evidence at last! Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get things organized to head out to … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Socks

Bella has a strange affection for socks–especially the striped one she stole off a stuffed toy elk. Not just the usual “oh, look, a sock to chew on,” thing, but “I think I’ll wear this and look like Alf.” Notice … Continue reading

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Bella Gets Sandy

Today’s Daily Dog finds Bella on the beach with a flying disc she found. Plainly Bella feels that all discs must die! This makes her very happy:

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Cranking the Pitbull

A terrible video by me in which Mr. Kat crank-starts the dog:

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Living on a boat can be weird, but there’s always something happening, good, bad, or indifferent. Last week, the local harbor seal and her baby decided to use our neighbor’s boat as an obstacle to chase fish around: Cute little … Continue reading

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Video is Here!

Hey folks, I now have a video stock pile at YouTube, including a reading from Labyrinth by little ol’ me, and there’s fresh and fancy video from Project Paranormal featuring an interview with me as well as segments with Devon … Continue reading

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