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Metric for now

Finally crossed the 10K word mark on the current Work in Progress (which may be titled “seawitch” with a working title of “ghost ship”). I’m hoping to cross 20K by the end of the month, but I don’t really expect … Continue reading

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Books and Snippage

Today was cool: Boxes full of DOWNPOUR hardcovers and new LABYRINTH paperbacks arrived today! And I had my hair cut: Yes, I know a few people will make noises about butchering my long hair (no Jim Butcher jokes here, please) … Continue reading

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New Stuff at the Website

It’s taken a while, but I’ve updated my website’s Books page with info onDownpour and the latest anthology to include a story by me. The menu on the side is acting a little odd, but I do finally have listings … Continue reading

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Downpour Cover

Mwahahaha… look what I got:

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Audible Download of LABYRINTH

Many of you have asked and now I have an answer: the download of LABYRINTH audio book should be available later this week or sometime next week. Thanks for being patient folks! Meanwhile… we actually slept on the new … Continue reading

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Revising a Pace….

I’m so very happy to say I’ve made a big ol’ pile of progress on the revision. It’ll need more going over once I’m done–this is going to be a two-pass revision at the very least–but it’s finally getting done! … Continue reading

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Kindle and Audio Update

The Kindle link for Labyrinth at Amazon appears to be stable now, though I can’t get an Associates link for it (thus no referral credit for me, but still…). I still don’t know what the status of other e-book formats … Continue reading

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Still None

Still no target date for e-books or audio. I’m sorry: no one has told me anything either I SWEAR I will post when I know. I’m very frustrated by this, too.

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E-Books Ahead!

My editor has informed me that the problem with the e-book files appears to have been cornered and killed so e-books of LABYRINTH should be available in two to three weeks. I know it’s taken some time, but things were … Continue reading

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Labyrinth and Vanished arrive!

Actual books arrived in boxes today! Hurray! And yes, that photo was taken in the cockpit this afternoon.

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More Signed Book Options

In addition to the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, University Book Store and catching me at an event, you can now order signed copies of Labyrinth online through The Signed Page.

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Labyrinth Gets **** 1/2…

Labyrinth got a 4.5 (out of 5) star review at Romantic Times Book Review today! I’m stoked! (if you’re a subscriber, you can log in to read the whole thing, otherwise you’ll just have to trust me.) W00H00! And I … Continue reading

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