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Is It the Bee’s Knees?

Well, it’s Seattle and it’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally it is, as a relative of mine used to say, “raining like stink.” It’s so unremittingly wet that even Bella is willing to wear a raincoat. Yes, a Rain Coat! (Though … Continue reading

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Dog Sweater

I know I’ve been bad about the Daily Dog, lately. What can I say? I’m kind of busy with this deadline thing and some holiday stuff… Looks like this may be the first “family Thanksgiving” in many years, so I’m … Continue reading

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Bits and Bobs

Two quick things before I carry on with work and the Daily Dog. Yes, I did pick up the word “tesseract” from the book A Wrinkle in Time and not from the film The Avengers. I was six or so … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Socks

Bella has a strange affection for socks–especially the striped one she stole off a stuffed toy elk. Not just the usual “oh, look, a sock to chew on,” thing, but “I think I’ll wear this and look like Alf.” Notice … Continue reading

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Bella Gets Sandy

Today’s Daily Dog finds Bella on the beach with a flying disc she found. Plainly Bella feels that all discs must die! This makes her very happy:

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The Zombies are Coming!

I make a damn fine zombie cocktail if I say so myself–well, ok more of a walking dead since I cheat horribly: First wash a lime–I’m serious: mold and dirt on citrus peels really ruins your drink and can introduce … Continue reading

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I Dream of Singing Apples and Wil Wheaton

I keep having odd dreams that are concluded by the appearance of Wil Wheaton, usually emerging from the back seat of a Toyota Corolla, wearing his old Star Trek uniform (but with his current beard and sense of humor). He always … Continue reading

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Forays into Automata

I’ve finished my first two paper automata. Crouching over a coffee table to score, cut, bend, paste, and assemble is rather backbreaking and I’m currently wandering around looking like an old woman. Of course, allowing the dog to sit behind … Continue reading

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Cranking the Pitbull

A terrible video by me in which Mr. Kat crank-starts the dog:

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PUPdate: Green Bunny

Bella’s been having a bit of a sore leg lately, so she tires easily. Even stuffed bunnies have more stamina. See:

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Oh Tannen Bomb

I know it’s considered not cool, but I kind of like the whole Christmas/Hannukah/KwanzuSoltimas thing. People are all excited and there are nifty decorations and everything smells good–even the bums have a piney-fresh scent. It’s also when you can get … Continue reading

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Spooky Stuff

Since it’s October, I’ve been thinking about Hallowe’en. When I was a kid, this was always my favorite holiday. You got to go out after dark (yay!), get candy (more yay!), and dress up as someone or something you weren’t … Continue reading

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