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Vanished Wallpaper

It’s the first of July which means, time for new Greywalker computer wallpaper on in the website’s Gallery page (you can also find this link at the bottom of every page on the site–it’s hidden near the hand…). This time … Continue reading

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Underground Wallpaper!

It’s June First and that means, time for new Greywalker computer wallpaper! This month it’s the wallpaper for Underground! You’ll need to scroll down a bit to find the right heading. but this one is extra cool to me, since … Continue reading

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Poltergeist wallpapers!

Hey, there! Poltergeist computer wallpapers by my minion, Thea Maia, are finally available on my main site in three sizes, or you can download the whole zip file and have them all! Nifty, eh? And on my upcoming birthday, May … Continue reading

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One of THOSE Days….

Ah, today… how you sucked. I mean… serious, sweaty-donkey ball sucakage. Like deep space cosmic implosion suckage. I’m not just saying, here, I’m SAYING: you sucked, Friday February 26. Total, utter, freakin’ suck. How have you suck’d? Let me count … Continue reading

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Not Bad…

I’m not up to the daily goal of 3K a day, but I’m accelerating and Greywalker #5 is starting to feel like a real Harper novel, at last. It’s the hardest one so far, no bones about it: a lot … Continue reading

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And Much More Importantly: Books!

The fabulous Richelle Mead’s latest succubus novel is out! OMG! More Georgina Kincaid? Oh yes! Grab it while the grabbing’s good, or it’s gonna be sold out! Good stuff, Maynard. And soon, my pretties, very soon–if not already–my own little … Continue reading

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Oh No

The Headache is back. Ugh. I feel dizzy today. This is Not Good. Luckily, I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 weeks. And I have exactly 4 squeezy lights left after the tour, though I’m thinking of making … Continue reading

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Very Nearly It!

This is It! Or very nearly. Tomorrow is Book Launch day for Underground! W00t! Today I saw my very first ever copy of the actual book in the wild, as it were. I still don’t have my author copies, but … Continue reading

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Schwag report #1

Argh! After much phone calling, I’m told that the squeeze lights will arrive on Tuesday in time for the first book signing and University Bookstore, but the notebooks are back-ordered and will be delayed. Makes me grumpy, but the notebooks … Continue reading

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Schwag Resolution

Thanks to some lovely folks at the Barnes & Noble Paranormal Book Club there will be schwag! There were lots of good suggestions both on the blogs and the book club, but I had to narrow it down to something … Continue reading

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