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The On-going

I have finally completed the first 50% of the Work in Progress revision. It stands at 75,000 words for this half alone and it’s finally found a title. While I think it’s much better than the rough draft, it’s still … Continue reading

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Now, With More DONE!

Well. I’m done. The revision and read-through of REVENANT is complete and the file has been sent to my editor and agent. Now I go to work on short stories, taxes, unpacking the last of my boxes and playing with … Continue reading

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Another Stage Done

Well, the REVENANT revision is now done. Word count rose by 10,000 words–which is a lot–bringing the total for the manuscript to 131,000 words. If my editor has no problem with that, it’ll be the longest Greywalker novel ever to … Continue reading

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And… Done

The revision of Possession is done and sent to my editor. I hope she likes it. The manuscript rose from a word count of 90,912 to 103,356 by the end of the revision. Is it better? I think so and … Continue reading

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Carrying On….

I’ve completed the revision of POSSESSION’s Chapter 14 (of 24). Damned book just keeps getting longer…. But it will be done by Monday night–’cause it’s due Tuesday. and then… the proofreading of SEAWITCH mass market proofs! I can smell finished … Continue reading

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Back To It

It’s hard to get my head back into Harper Blaine space after working with the predominantly male characters in the SF thriller world. I admit to some trepidation–trepidity?–about writing from the male third person for such a long piece, but … Continue reading

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Progress… maybe

Finally done with the New Proposal revision/backgrounder. I’m not sure how good it is, but… it’s done. So, now I can get back to work on the revision of POSSESSION.

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Revising a Pace….

I’m so very happy to say I’ve made a big ol’ pile of progress on the revision. It’ll need more going over once I’m done–this is going to be a two-pass revision at the very least–but it’s finally getting done! … Continue reading

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