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Thus Endeth

Well… the final proof of Revenant is done. I need to scan the pages with errors and compile them into a pdf to send to my editor tonight, but it’s done. Of course I find things about the way the … Continue reading

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Proof of Revenant

This is what I’m doing today. Because my desk is a mess and I still haven’t gotten the standing desk situation sorted out, I’m having to make do with my trusty file box, an old slab of luan, and the … Continue reading

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Proofing and Work Space

I’ve just finished the proofs for the paperback edition of last year’s book, Possesion. Here’s the new desk and the copy stand (which is just a lightweight laptop board I’ve adapted for the purpose) while it was in use. I … Continue reading

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Back to work!

I have received the hardcopy proofs for the mass market paperback edition of POSSESSION. Bye-bye leisure time.

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Back to “Normal”

So, now that the holidays are over and the manuscript is turned in, my next job was to undecorate the Christmas tree, store the ornaments and lights, clean up, and bring the second chair back down to the library from … Continue reading

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Tired is Good, Right…?

Front matter and 107 of the 358 pages of galley proofs for POSSESSION reviewed (only 8 corrections so far but one was a doozy!) My neck and shoulders ache. But I’m getting it done! Due Tuesday. Will I make it…?

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Proof of Proofs

I finally have my galley proofs of POSSESSION in my hot little fists. Due back April 23, so… excuse me while I’m absent.

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More Proof

SEAWITCH mass market proof now stands at 2/3 complete. I should finish tomorrow and be able to start on new projects on Friday. Hurray!

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Started proofing the mass market edition of SEAWITCH–which will be out in early July–and got 1/3 done. But proofing is very tiring–all that looking down at pages for hours on end… still… it’s 1/3 done. Needs to be back at … Continue reading

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Proof of Doneness

And now, the SEAWITCH proof is all done and the changes, scanned, saved and e-mailed back to the publisher. Mwahahahahahaha…. DONE!

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SEAWITCH Proofs and Killer Headaches

I’m 83.86% done with the proof of SEAWITCH and have to stop. I’ve been working against a creeping sinus headache all day, so I’ve only managed to proof 80 pages since 10:30 this morning. 56 left to go. Have to … Continue reading

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SEAWITCH Proofs Coming Along…

One-third finished with SEAWITCH proofs. Hurray! Very few errors so far and I found two issues that had been in the previous version that it appears the Managing Editor caught and fixed *before* sending the ms to Typsetting–I may love … Continue reading

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