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Soup Cookery–Tomato

Today I made tomato soup from (almost) scratch. Modified this recipe just a little: I did it on the stove top instead of the crockpot. I didn’t use the additional cheese, and I substituted heavy cream for the milk, since … Continue reading

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Snow Dogs

Bella and Jack are having a snow day! They love snow–it’s too bad it’s so little and will be gone so soon.

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Back to “Normal”

So, now that the holidays are over and the manuscript is turned in, my next job was to undecorate the Christmas tree, store the ornaments and lights, clean up, and bring the second chair back down to the library from … Continue reading

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Snow 2013

This was the view from my bedroom window this morning at 08:02 when Mr. Kat called to say his car had given up the ghost about 2 miles from the house. At least it’s pretty, yes?

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All right, so… this is my first Christmas in my own house, first Christmas in this house, first Christmas with Jack–for whom this is the first Christmas ever. And this is my first Christmas tree in 30 years, Bella and … Continue reading

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Weekend Dog

This photo is several weeks old, now, but isn’t Jack a handsome fellow anyhow? (this, incidentally, is the “broken” side of his face. Pretty good healing, yeah?)

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Dogs and Work…

On Monday I ripped out 5,200 words of the work I’d put in over the weekend and I’m only just now catching up. I realized the book had derailed at about the 30K mark and needed a major overhaul so … Continue reading

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The Post-Thanksgiving Post

Well, I didn’t make the NaNoWriMo challenge count goal of 50,000 new words added to the manuscript this month. Partially due to the scurrying about for Thanksgiving and some other issues, I made it only to 45,400 for the month … Continue reading

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The Last Warm Days of Dog

It’s getting chilly around here, but I managed to get a few more photos of Jack and Bella before even they don’t want to go outside. Here is Jack, keeping watch, while Bella looks for treats in the grass:

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Détente, or “I Just Can’t Be Bothered”

Jack is healing up nicely and I’m getting more done on REVENANT. Bella is getting along better with Jack. See: But she’s still not sure she should turn her back on him: “He’s right behind me isn’t he?” “Mwahahahahahaaaaa, the … Continue reading

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Victory is Exhausting

Jack Puppikins has vanquished the Big Rope Toy. Victory for Agent Double-0-Poo! (click for larger image.) And time for a well-deserved nap. Incidentally, this may have to tide you guys over until Monday since I’ll be in Bellingham Washington on … Continue reading

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The Fate of Babysitters

Bella is so tired after “looking after” Jack all day, she just needs to recharge (on the floor of my office next to the chalk board wall.)

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