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Alfred Molina Film Festival!

All right, so… Mr. Kat and I just watched a funny little English romcom called Undertaking Betty in which Mr. Molina and Chris Walken play rival undertakers in the Welsh town of Wrotting-Powys, and we feel we need to have … Continue reading

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Tech Noir–you people keep asking for it

Several people have asked me to repost this article I wrote for a friend back in 2003. I was attempting to label a sub-niche of the dystopian SF genre with a title of its own, which never really caught on. … Continue reading

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Back to Oaxaca

It appears that setting my novella, “The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog” in Oaxaca has attracted the attention of the local film and lit competition, so they’ve asked me to do a little promotion for them and that … Continue reading

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Maybe a Movie…? (not mine, don’t get excited)

It appears that my agency-buddy Jim C. Hines is on the way to Harry Potter style stardom… or not. Seems the press has gotten the idea that a movie is going to be made based on is new (and very … Continue reading

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