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News and Updates–Literally

Because people ask and because I’m having trouble with spammers using my e-ddress as their “from” address–again!–I’ve set up a google group for news and updates and will soon be changing my site to reflect the new e-ddress and group, … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en Archives

Usually I write new Kat Litter at the main site for holidays like the one upcoming tomorrow, but I’ve been a bit swamped and didn’t get to it, so I’m resurrecting old ones, such as The Hallowe’en Doggerel of 2002 … Continue reading

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They’re at it again

Continuing the theme that spammers are idiots, here’s a piece of screenshot from my spam filter: I couldn’t make these things up.

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A Cat of a Different Color

In contrast to Spain who is lovely and quite sweet, I present my cat (who is not). He is 19. He is the most cantankerous cat in Ballard–which is going a long way, considering that this is an industrial district … Continue reading

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Plastic forks, terrorist lip gloss, endless sudoku, and a ghost in the hotel

As you recall, I was on tour a week or so ago. Here’s the triptych: I began my trip with a plane that was delayed leaving. So, it being a 4:55 p.m. flight orginally, I decided to console myself with … Continue reading

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A Message from a Worshipper!

Or that’s what the spam said. Now, I know that they think I’m stupid enough to click the little URL link that will take me to their den of Spammery–especially if they stroke my ego–but no matter how much my … Continue reading

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Hot Fuzzies!

Just a sudden impulse to be horribly cute–no relation to the recent film starring Simon Pegg. I give you pics of the ferrets trying to beat the heat: First they try the shelter method, but the paper bags seem to … Continue reading

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Sooo… last week we went with some friends to see Ratatouille. It was fun! What’s not to like? It’s a film about a cute rat. It’s about the value of friendship and family, it’s about following your dream and it’s … Continue reading

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Summmmmer, without doubt

I was down in Pike Place Market today to meet up with a relative. After various things and getting him pointed at a cyber cafe and his shuttle to his hotel, I headed back home and thought I’d do a … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games

Ok, so I’m lazy, but until I get my butt in gear and post some new Christmas Kat Litter, here’s a link to one of my favorite Christmas freak outs, Kat Litter from December 2002: Reindeer Games. I hope you … Continue reading

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From the Hallowe’en Archive

Because I’m swamped (and lazy) I am not writing a new Hallowe’en piece as I often have done on the main site. Instead, I am resurrecting an old one from the Kat Litter archives: Halloween Doggerel from 2002. Dig around … Continue reading

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