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How well do you know your Holiday songs? Take the Chicago Tribune Carol quiz and find out! I got 96%–damn that Jingle Bells! I’d never even heard that verse. (Hrmm….) Advertisements

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Mutant Otter!

So I was browsing the web while cat vacuuming and I found… this Read about the Mutant Sea Otter! (OK, not really so mutant, not really so otter, but we all know what a sucker I am for mustelids, right?)

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They’re at it again

Continuing the theme that spammers are idiots, here’s a piece of screenshot from my spam filter: I couldn’t make these things up.

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Shiver me timbers!

Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day! Avast there y’swabbies an’ hearken up good! Levity be the order o’ the day. Break out yer (rubber) cutlasses and prepare to make with the “Arr”! Keelhaul yer formal English! Away all boats for … Continue reading

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More dumb spam

This just in–and I do mean just into my recently reconfigured e-mailbox: many many spams purporting to come from dissatisfied lovers complaining about their male partner’s male appendage. What’s funny about that? How bout that my mail client shows the … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Be… Under the Sea…

With nods to the fabulous Jen. I’m really… well… umm… that is to say…. You’ll have to make up your own mind about cephalopodic playscapes. Though it makes me wonder: is this the strange confluence of tentacle porn and day … Continue reading

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Tonight youse sleeps wid de flowers

OK, this is just weird. I’m walking home from the grocery with a bag of cat food and cookies and as I pass the Cafe near the marina, I see a woman walking around and looking at the planter in … Continue reading

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A real Jen Jordan moment

Sometimes you really should think twice before you Google. Thus have I found a mullet to end all mullet. This one’s for you, Jen, you wicked woman.

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Perhaps too much of a good thing?

Yes, OK, I like bacon, but NPR’s Six Weird Ways of Makin’ Bacon may be just a bit much. I mean, really: bacon candles?

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What’s your genre?

In which the hilarious and delightful Donna Moore demonstrates Crime Fiction Genres Defined By Bedroom Scene. Can’t stop giggling…

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I’m doing something wrong…

Reason: 3 Hell, 1 Breast, 1 Anal (sounds like Kentucky Fried Demon) Clearly, not enough filth, sex, drugs, or violence here. I’ll have to work on that. (But it went up to PG-13 after posting this rating. Hmmm….)

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101 Reasons to Stop Writing

Ack! Horribly clever “demotivator” posters to make you STOP WRITING! Heheheh….

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