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Sometimes bad things just happen….

This morning, the fridge tried to gas us. Yes really. It’s been a bit weird in Katlandia recently: Due to economic factors, this year’s US contract was not as remunerative as the previous one (and I’m still waiting to get … Continue reading

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Poltergeist wallpapers!

Hey, there! Poltergeist computer wallpapers by my minion, Thea Maia, are finally available on my main site in three sizes, or you can download the whole zip file and have them all! Nifty, eh? And on my upcoming birthday, May … Continue reading

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A German Werewolf for Christmas

I’m utterly over the moon: the German book site Das Lituratur-Cafe has put up a German audio translation of my Christmas werewolf story “The Werewolf Before Christmas” today. This free download is a promo for the German version of the … Continue reading

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Poltergeist ist auf dem losen in Deutschland!

That is to say… while I wasn’t paying attention, the German translation of Poltergeist was released in Germany the first of December. So far it’s getting better reviews than Greywalker and the plans for release of Underground in German are … Continue reading

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Deutscheland Schriebt

I’m tickled pink to say I got my first fan letter in German–my first fan letter ever that wasn’t in English, but not the first fan letter from a foreign fan. See Kat squee! with excitement.

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Sunday and Monday Still on Tour

So Sunday I headed to several other bookstores before zooming down to Huntington Beach to hang out at the Barnes & Nobel in the Bella Terra center. The area’s really changed since I used to hang out there with my … Continue reading

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