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Long Ago Post #2

It’s time for another bit of ancient webbery from the Kat Litter box! Continuing were we left off, this is from June of 2002 and a friend of mine who has since gone on to have many adventures with cake … Continue reading

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Pie Update

Umm… maybe a touch too much cayenne.  Jim loved it, but I detected a slight bitterness and too much bite.  And I didn’t seal the crusts together quite right so the juice boiled out on one side.  It was still … Continue reading

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Tis the Season of Pie

I promised Jim pie… so pie we shall have. Today is Spicy Apple Pie day, so I have to trot out and get the rest of the stuff–all I currently have is the raisins, bourbon, sugar and cayenne pepper. I’ll … Continue reading

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Not Mary’s Little Lamb

Occasionally I have the urge to post recipes if something went particularly well in my kitchen (as was the case with the spicy apple pie at the main site and the more recent Mouse-atouille here. Eventually I may put the … Continue reading

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Sooo… last week we went with some friends to see Ratatouille. It was fun! What’s not to like? It’s a film about a cute rat. It’s about the value of friendship and family, it’s about following your dream and it’s … Continue reading

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