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Wayback Machine Dog

I’m out of town, so I have no new photo of Bella today, but here’s one from when we first got her and she adopted a shirt of mine (which had the words “Life’s Too Short to Read Bad Books”) … Continue reading

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Catching Up

So, the event on Sunday at Borderlands Books in San Francisco went great! many thanks to Alan, Jude, Veronica, Stacey, and Carolyn for making it happen and being there to be totally awesome. Also thanks to fans, friends, and family … Continue reading

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Oh dog…

Feeling tired and frustrated already: walked dog and had a small problem with Bella’s overenthusiastic response to small children in pink coats; filed tax extension while Bella begged for attention, whined, and finally lept on my chair from behind. I … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2011… y’bastard

This is incredibly long so if you don’t want to read it I’ll understand…. Well, 2011 is going out with an apologetic giggle and a pratfall–which is much better than the a lot of the year has been. Ah… my … Continue reading

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The dog won’t leave me alone, wants to go “relieve,” but won’t go out into the rain. Trying to get her to use the “Potty Patch” but she won’t. Much crying whining and barking (some from the dog.) I give … Continue reading

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Dogdini! (hou-doggi?)

All right, so… today, as on every Thursday for a while now, I went to hang out with my mom during her Chemo and then drive her home and do a couple of quick chores/yelling at people for her. Then … Continue reading

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Dog Training Blues….

So… first we tried kibbles, then we moved up to duck jerky, then advanced to Zuke’s Peanut Butter Training treats, but Bella’s still too hard headed to take treats during Growly Dog Class. So tonight… we escalate to stanky Cheddar … Continue reading

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Bella the Destroyer!

Last night was Bella's first night at Growly Dog class–because she doesn't play well with other dogs. She's going to learn how, but in the meantime, Pink Dinosaurs are apparently still on the Enemies list…. . . . . . … Continue reading

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Blackberries are a Dog’s Best Fiend

Alas I have no photos of it, but Bella has become the Blackberry hound: she dives into the brambles as we walk past and sucks down all the ripe wild B-berries she can slurp into her mouth. Luckily this is … Continue reading

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Photo Blog: Bella Loves Bolt

Bella loves Bolt: Bella and Bolt seek Adventure together! Bella even lets Bolt ride on her back when his little legs grow tired. That’s how much Bella loves Bolt… Except when she doesn’t: . . . In less-happy news, my … Continue reading

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Terrible Twos

It appears that Pupzilla has hit the Terrible Twos–two weeks that is. As we enter our second week of Bella-in-residence, she’s become a total terror. Just look what she did to her teddy: Teddy has gotten worse since then: he’s … Continue reading

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