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I Dream of Singing Apples and Wil Wheaton

I keep having odd dreams that are concluded by the appearance of Wil Wheaton, usually emerging from the back seat of a Toyota Corolla, wearing his old Star Trek uniform (but with his current beard and sense of humor). He always … Continue reading

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On Sexual Harassment

As always, my friend Jim Hines says everything I wish I’d said about an important issue well before I managed to say anything at all. Be a Mensch: go read this post on Standing up to Sexual Harassment.

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Fridge! (plus friends and dogs)

Today we finally got the elusive fridge. It took quite a bit of weird paper chasing, phone calls and other insanity, but the order was confirmed and delivered to Fisheries Supply on Thursday. We were told we could pick it … Continue reading

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Norwescon 34 Con Report One

Or how I spent my Easter weekend Thursday and Friday…. I was back at Norwescon after an absence of a year and a bit. I didn’t attend last year except for a single party and a few hours in the … Continue reading

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You guys helped raise $202.50 for relief to Japan through my book auction. THANK YOU! You all rock!

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Alfred Molina Film Festival!

All right, so… Mr. Kat and I just watched a funny little English romcom called Undertaking Betty in which Mr. Molina and Chris Walken play rival undertakers in the Welsh town of Wrotting-Powys, and we feel we need to have … Continue reading

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Fun stuff from my friends

My very clever and talented friends sent out a Halloween party invitation in the form of a newspaper this year and in it the included an “ad” for the fictional antique and auction company my character Will worked for in … Continue reading

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David Thompson

I’m crushed today to hear of the death of David Thompson, who, with his wife McKenna Jordan, owned and operated Murder by The Book in Houston TX as well as being the publisher of Busted Flush Press–which was recently sold … Continue reading

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My fabulous Minion, Thea Maia has made some fan art for my book, Vanished. Here is her version of the Hardy Tree: The Hardy Tree Vortex by Thea Maia – on Is that not amazing?

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