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Sometimes bad things just happen….

This morning, the fridge tried to gas us. Yes really. It’s been a bit weird in Katlandia recently: Due to economic factors, this year’s US contract was not as remunerative as the previous one (and I’m still waiting to get … Continue reading

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More on the e-Pubbery question

Recently I received a note from a fan (whose name I’ve withheld to protect their privacy) commenting on my post “Not the Whole Enchilada” about why I have chosen to remain in the traditional publishing model with Penguin/Roc rather than … Continue reading

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Not the Whole Enchilada

E-publishing, and specifically self-publishing e-books on Kindle, is a hot topic right now what with the interesting juxtaposition of Amanda Hocking’s Big 6 print contract and Barry Eisler’s ship-jump from print to Kindle only. In the meantime I’m also engaged … Continue reading

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To Market, To Market….

A friend of mine asked me to write about this topic and I’m running late on fulfilling that promise, but it happens to be a topic much on my mind: marketing for writers/of books. When you are a starry-eyed as-yet-unpublished … Continue reading

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David Thompson

I’m crushed today to hear of the death of David Thompson, who, with his wife McKenna Jordan, owned and operated Murder by The Book in Houston TX as well as being the publisher of Busted Flush Press–which was recently sold … Continue reading

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Publishing is Not Dead… but it’s looking a little scaly….

I went to the gym this morning after participating for a while in an interesting online chat about changing publisher advances (this grew out of several other discussions on Twitter this week about the publishing industry and agents specifically, including … Continue reading

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The Numbers Game

My friend Rob Thurman would really like to make it onto the New York Times Bestseller list for mass market fiction paperbacks–who wouldn’t?–and, if you’re in the US (alas, non-US sales aren’t counted), you can help her by buying her … Continue reading

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Ah, Amazon…

With all the current kerfuffle about Amazon’s removal of Macmillan books from their virtual sales "floor" (they aren’t refusing to list the books offered by their associates, only to list Macmillian in their own sales space which is their right,) … Continue reading

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Acquiring an Agent

This is something most moderately-successful commercial authors get asked about frequently. In fact, I think it’s the thing I’m asked about most frequently after “where do you get your ideas?” and “are there going to be more books in this … Continue reading

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Go, Kaz!

I’m just so happy I have to post: My internet buddy Kaz Mahoney is now… Under contract to be published! Flux is taking her book, The Iron Witch, and the as-yet unwritten sequel and I’m so happy for her! She’s … Continue reading

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Anne Sowards for the Win!

My editor reports happy ending to the title controversy: After much discussion, the title LABYRINTH is being reinstated for Greywalker #5. Kudos to the publisher for taking the risk on possible confusion in exchange for a title to die for. … Continue reading

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Dazed, but Less Confused

I’m still kind of in a daze about the tour. Some of it was fantastic, some was so-so, and I’m still not sure how it all went. But I’m home, rested, and back in the writing saddle. Have been granted … Continue reading

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