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You guys probably already know how much I like weird words. Well… here’s someone who likes ’em even more than I do, I think. I present Arnzen’s Goreletter Dictionscary. I was just trying to find a reasonable definition of “squeg” … Continue reading

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More Christmas song insanity

I have been working through the Advent list at Another Form of Relief and having a whale of a time–some really great, warped X-mas music here. Not to mention one of my personal faves (near the bottom of the page), … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games

Ok, so I’m lazy, but until I get my butt in gear and post some new Christmas Kat Litter, here’s a link to one of my favorite Christmas freak outs, Kat Litter from December 2002: Reindeer Games. I hope you … Continue reading

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From the Hallowe’en Archive

Because I’m swamped (and lazy) I am not writing a new Hallowe’en piece as I often have done on the main site. Instead, I am resurrecting an old one from the Kat Litter archives: Halloween Doggerel from 2002. Dig around … Continue reading

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We Was Framed!

Must be California: the ferrets are in jail. (Actually, these are two of our ferrets, Fidget and Dexter, several years ago. They’ve never been arrested–that we know of.) Can you believe such cuteness is illegal in California?  Luckily, we live … Continue reading

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A small complaint

The bad thing about this novelist gig is that I don’t seem to have a brain for anything else, right now.

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