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Me at Long Ridge Writers Group

Mary Rosenblum asked me to talk to the Long Ridge Writers Group online about writing. Golly, I sure can blather…. Advertisements

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Chinese cometh

Hehe… I’m a big goofy thing, I know, but I’m all excited by the news that the Complex/Traditional Chinese translation of Greywalker is now done will be published this May. Spring International, the Taiwan-based publisher, will be doing new covers … Continue reading

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Travel Plans Interrupted….

I’m having a little trouble with the Vancouver trip. My mom was going to lend me her spare car (I don’t have one) so I could drive up to the book signing at Chapters in Surrey, BC, this Saturday. But, … Continue reading

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Someone loves me…

at Kirkus Reviews. Greywalker made the Best of 2006 list! Wheeee! And I’ve been busily updating the Appearances page at the main site with info on LCC and the upcoming signing in Surrey, BC on the 20th of this month. … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel Droppings

I get all silly over the darnedest things. The owner of blog Stainless Steel Droppings said nice things about the book. I know… I’m such a goon….

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Christmas Songs We Need More Of

Jonathan Coulton’s Chiron Beta Prime. My favorite of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society’s Cthulu Carols, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen. And anything by Tom Lehrer.

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Yes, it’s been very windy in Seattle and a lot of the outlying neighborhoods and cities in Western Washington lost power Thursday night due to the wind and rain. My neighborhood, did not. Quite unusually. Most of the time, my … Continue reading

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I forgot to note that printing out the manuscripts was somewhat interesting. I needed a total of three copies and you’d think that would be easy–make one copy and then take it to Kinkos and make two more–but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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About last night….

Damn, that was a fun event. I’m in Luuuurve with Lilith Saintcrow–smart, funny, twisted, talented, gracious… and can that girl write! Damn! Now, most of you know by now I’m an opinionated bitch and a demanding, obnoxious person about writing. … Continue reading

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Publication Timeline

Because people keep asking “how long did it take you to write/publish” Greywalker, I’ve posted a complete publication cycle timeline at the Kat Litter section of my main website. Some of it’s just plain strange. Eventually, it’ll have to move … Continue reading

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First bad review

Kind of funny–I knew it would have to happen, eventually, and it did: someone posted a luke-warm review on Amazon. Only 3 stars and the reader seemed to be put out by the complexity of the second half of the … Continue reading

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Good heavens! What a change from a week ago. The book launch was a rousing success, I finally found a copy of the Entertainment Weekly review, and Anne, my editor, sent me a copy of the cover for the next … Continue reading

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