Storm Warning

So, here’s the thing: I should be posting some stuff, but at the moment the weather is clear, yet we’re expecting a storm that might prove to be the worst on record for this region since 1964. Or just the worst in a LOOOOONG time. So I’m off to make sure I have batteries, bottled water, and dog food, just in case. If it blows over, I’ll be laughing at myself like the rest of you. If you live in the Puget Sound area–West, East, North, or South, take an hour to look at your situation and have emergency plans in place. If you don’t need ’em–cool. Otherwise, stay safe, folks.

(You know it’s bad when Cliff Mass says he’s never seen anything like this.)


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  1. Renee P says:

    Love Cliff Mass. The storm wasn’t much of a much, was it? But, being prepared is good.

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