Poor Jack Puppikins

morose jack
So… Banjo and Jack were tussling in the yard last night and suddenly there was a long yelp of pain followed by several more. We ran out to see what was up and found Jack limping and looking very upset. Long hard night, trip to vet… Long story short: Jack has a blown out cruciate ligament in his right (rear) knee (not that dogs have “knees” in front–they aren’t elephants, after all). Orthopedic surgeon won’t be available for 3 weeks, so we’ll be babying (from his POV, tormenting) Jack along on pills and limited activity until then. And then surgery, more pills, limited activity, and doggy PT for 6-8 weeks afterward. Good thing we have pet insurance, though it’s still going to hurt financially. Hardest thing will be making sure Banjo gets enough exercise and attention, and doesn’t pester the hell out of Jack. Well and seeing poor Jack mope around, doped up and bored to tears. Luckily, he is a Labradork and can be placated with food. Unluckily, he is a Labradork and can be placated with food, thus becoming Jabba the Hutt if allowed to eat as much as he wants without getting plenty of exercise.

Hey, I needed to lose some weight and work out more anyhow. How many calories will I burn doing “dog curls” to lift the 74 pound Labra-Hutt on and off the porch at “potty time”?

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