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Yesterday I went to consult with Vlad Verano at Third Place Press in Lake Forest Park, WA about the limited edition chapbook for my upcoming guest appearance at Bellingham ComiCon on October 22. Here is the proof for the front cover of said chapbook, (art and design ©2016 Vladimir Verano. Click to enlarge):chemofrontcoveronly

Plainly this is a lot nicer than anything I could produce myself and, while it’s not the cheapest option, it is not super-pricey and the quality is fantastic. So, if you’re coming to the con, you might be able to pick up one of these signed, limited edition beauties–they’re free, but there are only 100 copies, so… you know the drill.

In other news, the Zombies Need Brains Kickstarter for the Water! Robots! Death! anthologies is struggling to make its funding goal by the end of the month, so if you want to read the stories, please let your friends, family, coworkers or whoever you think of know about the project. We all really want to make these books, but we can’t do it if the project doesn’t make–or better yet, exceed–its funding goals.

And last but not least, Brian Thronton and I will be teaching and talking about writing mysteries and thrillers on the fifth of November at the Cascade Writers Workshop in Tacoma Washington. If you’re interested in attending, get registered soon–these spots go fast!

I’m hoping to see some of you around, and to be creating more fun books for you guys!

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