My Own Personal Grey

The Writing in 2015


The last quarter of 2014 and most of 2015 was heavy going for me: The Greywalker series came to a close; I was diagnosed with a tumor and had a lot of tests and surgery, then a long, slow recovery both in the hospital and out of it; assuming that would affect me less than it did, I committed to 5 short stories and a cooperative/chain novel as well as revision of a new novel; then I agreed to an additional short story and a novella.

While most of the stories haven’t yet been published, the chain novel and novella are both still in draft, and some other projects are still in the air, I met all of my original obligations plus a bit. And this is how 2015’s project word counts look now:

Novel: 150,000 words revised twice, plus some additional wrangling.

Short stories: 30,354 combined total words.

Chain story: approximately 3,700 (+1,300 words of notes and one more chapter to do between 3,500 and 5,000 words in 2016).

Novella: approximately 10,000 words (plus notes and 15,000 words or so to do in 2016–unless it decides to be a novel).

I have to finish up the last short story before the end of the year and I promised a certain meerkat that I’d get this novella done by the Ides of March, so I have to get back to work as soon as the Holiday Period is past. But, for the most part, I’m happy with the work I’ve done. Now I just need to get back up to speed on my health and fitness. Guess what I’ll be doing in the New Year….