Unbound Closer

So, the un-themed anthology, Unbound, (coming from Grim Oak Press before the end of the year), is very nearly here and I’ve got the final cover and the first page of my own piece to show you. I hope you like them and I hope you’ll pre-order the book, since, well… it’s very good.
Unbound-final cover First page of my story for Unbound
(click on the images to see them full size–they are fantastic!)

Lovely work by Todd Lockwood on the cover and the interior art by his apprentice, Stacie Pitt. I won’t show you all the other interior art–it’s all wonderful–but if you poke about on Grim Oak’s order page (given above), you can find the list of authors and hunt down the rest of the first pages for yourself–like a treasure hunt!

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  1. curtisfrye says:

    Ordered an ARC. I look forward to it!

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