Message in a Bottle

Took PuppyJack for this first ever walk on the beach. The beach just north of Kingston Ferry Dock is remarkably clean and not much peopled on a Monday morning, so the bright blue of this vodka bottle stood out. I picked it up since I happen to like blue glass and I thought I should clean up–as one does. As I shook the water and sand out of the topless bottle I noticed there was something inside. So I took it home and this is what I found: messagebottle sandycontents contentsunwrapped message boxed

The message reads (misspellings and punctuation as written–or as close as I could come):

I was walking on the beach one morning and I saw that you were caught in seaweed,
And I just said I guess I’ll just have to be late to work this morning.
So I feed you from the sewead and you said Ill see you at lunch on friday and I said
oh isebell isebell isebell,
oh isebell isebell isebell.
After we knew each other for a long long time,
I said isebell let’s go to the zoo.
When we got to the zoo we went to a crab stand and I decided she probably didn’t want to eat that food.
Isebell wondered off and I said oh isebell isebell isebell x2,
I saw her with this weird guy and he was hitting her with a mallot and I yelled nooo
isebell isebell isbell x2,
but I was too late isebell was gone and the man fed her to to polar bears
and I visit isbells grave every Tuesday,
Tuesday was the day we met and now the man that killed you has a grave, too.
When I visit her I say “oh isebell isebell isebell x2”

P.S isebell is/was a crab.

If this message is found use the hashtag #imissisebellthecrab

P.P.S, This message is a song.

It may not be brilliant poetry, but how can you not want to reply to the writer of a love song for an ill-fated crab? So here it is. I doubt it traveled very far or had been in the water very long, but still… this is kind of cool. #imissisebellthecrab

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