My Own Personal Grey

Exercise Sucks


Bleh! Today I cleaned and re-lubricated the glides on my elliptical treadmill thingy and thought “I should get back on this thing.” So I did. For all of 10 minutes. It’s been almost 8 months since I last used it and aside from just general sloth, the surgery in late November took a huge toll on my weight and condition and that’s been upsetting. I hate being incapable of simple things like a walk down to the village or chasing the dog for more than a minute and a half. I’ve been telling myself that whenever I find myself at loose ends or unable to sleep I should just get on the machine for 10 minutes. So that’s what I did.

Realistically, I shouldn’t be too upset with a mere 10 minutes at minimum resistance and incline. According to the workout summary, I went a half-mile at an average speed of three miles per hour, keeping my heart rate at 65% of maximum safe rate for a overweight 51-year-old.But damn…. Still, better than nothing.

Now I just need to get the bass guitar adjusted and into tune and start on that journey as well. Oh and the matter of three short stories and a couple of novels…

Plus a dog.

Jack guards the elliptical stride machine