Nostalgie de la Pain

When I was in college (at Cal State Long Beach) there was a restaurant, called Hamburger Henry’s, that lay on the route between my apartment in downtown and the campus on the east side. They frequently put animal shaped loves of bread on the glass “sneeze shields” above the salad bar. They looked a lot like this:

but no one could ever tell us if they were “Bread-agators” or “Crust-o-diles.”


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3 Responses to Nostalgie de la Pain

  1. redharparts says:

    I worked right next door to CSU LB for 14 years! There was a back gate with a lock code we all knew. And I remember Hamburger Henry’s, though not the bread animals.

  2. I hate to admit how long ago I was enrolled there….

  3. Rown says:

    I vote for Crust-o-diles!

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