Book Day!

Revenant is out today! and it got a nice review at the Qwillery.

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2 Responses to Book Day!

  1. Tim Schmidt says:

    It was a bright sunny morning, just perfect for hiking when I picked up Revenant to read a few chapters. Now, the stars are out as I finally set the book down. What a great read!

    I can picture Harper and Quenton strolling down a Seattle sidewalk arm in arm as they discuss her latest case. Her leg aches a bit when the weather changes but not to bad. Maybe that evening they’ll join the Danzigers for dinner. I’m sure this will show up in a future story someday.

    Thanks for the wonderful adventures with Harper Blaine and looking forward to the next fascinating hero you come up with for your next series.


  2. Gosh, thanks so much Tim! I’m glad you liked it and I hope I’ll be able to let them out to stroll on the waterfront again someday.

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