Monday is Interesting

Today started out very Monday–hubby’s alarm didn’t go off, then dog complained about wanting out much earlier than normal, thus getting us out of bed anyhow; I stepped in poop while playing with Jack and then had to extract his ball from same; had to clean up puppy yarf in my office for which I had no cleaning fluid ready-made and had to make some on the spot; then smacked my funny bone putting the cleaning fluid away.

But then I got a nice review for REVENANT (which I was also able to pass on to the other writers mentioned on the page–always nice to give others good news, too); fixed more issues with the outline for the WiP; and had a positive (but not yet nailed-closed) meeting with a dog sitter.

So now I just need to make dinner and do some actual writing and I’ll have had a pretty good day.

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