Thus Endeth

Well… the final proof of Revenant is done. I need to scan the pages with errors and compile them into a pdf to send to my editor tonight, but it’s done. Of course I find things about the way the story is told or the writing that I don’t like, but I’m, over all, very pleased with this book. I think–I hope–it’s good enough to close the series for a while without leaving fans howling for my blood.

I’m pleased.

And now… on to the Next Project!


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5 Responses to Thus Endeth

  1. Aimee says:

    Hopefully only “for a while”!

  2. We’ll have to wait and see. I need a break and so do they, and sales were down, so it’s a good time to let things rest. If there’s interest and reason, I’ll go back to it.

  3. Tim Schmidt says:


    Do you have another novel or series in the works?

    Like Aimee says, I really hope to see Harper in the future.


  4. I have another novel in the works, but it hasn’t sold yet, so there will probably not be a book in 2015, though I should have a few anthology stories next year. I’m not averse to doing more Harper, but I’m satisfied with where the series stands in terms of the characters and quality, so I’m willing to let it go until there’s enough interest or some other good reason to bring it back. I may do some Harper shorts if I have the inspiration or option.

  5. I do have other stuff in the works, but no contract at this time, so there may be a lag between books. I am working on some short stories for anthologies and one may be a Harper short. The others can’t be, so they’ll be something else.

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