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I Hate DST


The following is partially cobbled together from my Twitter feed:

I hate DST—if you want to get up earlier, just… get up earlier. Why torture the rest of us?
I’ve looked into it and the persistence of DST in the US is linked to tax credits for corporations for “energy saving programs.”
NIH and the New England Journal of Medicine have reported that DST leads to increased injury and accident rates. (There are at least 4 well-founded studies in the US that support the claim that accident rates of all kinds rise up to 10% for up to a month following the start of DST in the US every year, but there’s no matching fall in accident rates at the end of DST.)
DST change-over is also associated with increases in heart attacks, cluster headaches, and “cyberloafing” (wtf?)
but many people will argue that it gives them an “extra” hour of light and it’s somehow “good” for us, though the only demonstrable thing it does is take an hour of sleep off our plates and shift our circadian rhythms.
Folks will tell you that farmers benefit and that it lowers electricity costs
but neither of those latter are any more true than the first. Farmers get up with the sun, the cost of electricity doesn’t go down due to DST,
and the length of a day doesn’t change.
the fact that corporations can claim “participation in DST” as an energy saving program for tax credits is why it’s here
I make this rant every year and about half the people who reply will say they like it.
DST makes no sense: You don’t get more light by changing the hands on your clock. and now that we’re increasingly a time-independent society (even factories work 24/7 and most offices offer flex time) DST makes less and less sense.

So why do we still have it and why does it last more than 6 months?