Trunk Full of Junk

I meant to be productive, but I spent the day finally unpacking all the author copies and putting them on shelves. Then I unpacked 25 years worth of old notebooks, picked a few at random, leafed through them… and returned all 30 pounds of them to the boxes to be recycled.

Some people keep their old story notes, but these… they’re F-ing embarrassing. I did without them for 20 years. I can do without them forever. I did find exactly two more recent notebooks that I did keep, but the rest… not only mildewed, but rotten–in the idea department

Sometimes it’s good to look over the old stuff and see I’ve actually gotten better at this gig.

A Photo Album of the Unboxing Project is up at Google+.


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2 Responses to Trunk Full of Junk

  1. Aimee says:

    Are those bullets?

  2. Technically, they’re cartridges–but as a general term, yes. No one has asked about the DVD of Casino Royale nearby, however. 😉

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