Another Stage Done

Well, the REVENANT revision is now done. Word count rose by 10,000 words–which is a lot–bringing the total for the manuscript to 131,000 words. If my editor has no problem with that, it’ll be the longest Greywalker novel ever to make it to press (Grey #1 was 137K in the first draft, but I cut 25K in the many revisions that followed.) It’s been pretty difficult and I spent all of Tuesday on the final chapter alone. I’m putting it aside for a few days and then I’ll read it through starting on Thursday. I hope it’s good–it seems to be, but I may be too tired to tell. If all’s well, it goes off to my editor on Sunday/Monday and I’m done for a few weeks–until the copyedit comes back.

Meanwhile… gotta do my taxes.


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2 Responses to Another Stage Done

  1. Aimee says:

    Hooray! Hope you get a nice big refund too!

  2. Rae says:

    Words, words and more words. Wonderful!

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