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So, there’s a lot of discussion around about awards–it’s that time of year for writers, the last chance to get your work on the nomination lists for the Big Awards. It’s a really confusing and upsetting thing to work in an industry that’s so much in flux that it’s impossible to keep track of what’s out there, much less what’s eligible (see Mary Robinette Kowal’s article about why her wonderful audio The Lady Astronaut of Mars was not eligible, in spite of seeming to be). I, personally think it’s a hair-split that’s ridiculous, but it’s in the past now. However, new rounds of “nominate me” are in the works and both Mary (whom I adore) and John Scalzi (whom I respect and like very much) have posted about the whole problem of pimping your work for awards, because we writer-peeps are kind of creeped out by the whole “Look at me!!!” aspect of this sometimes. Both are excellent bits of common sense and “Please stop freaking” (and they both write a damn fine story.) See Scalzi’s article here. And Mary’s here.

And so with that in mind, I am going to say this: I had three publications last year. One was a reprint of last year’s book and it’s not eligible for anything. But one was a new hardcover novel (Possesion) and the other was a short story (“The Hollow Hounds”).

Possession (Greywalker novel #8 from Roc) was a good book and it was fun, but probably not much of contender against all the other Fantasy and Science Fiction novels that came out last year–it really was an amazing year for the genre.

But the short story, “The Hollow Hounds” was one I really liked, and the anthology, Clockwork Fairy Tales (edited by Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett from Roc), was unusual and well-done. And aside from my story (which I thought rather nifty) it had a great line up of steampunk fairy tales from some amazing writers (K.W. Jeter, Jay Lake, Paul di Fillippo, Stephen Harper, Nancy A. Collins, G.K. Hayes, Gregory Nicholl, Pip Ballantine and myself, Kat Richardson.) It also came out in the beginning of February and was largely lost in the shuffle.

If you are in a position to nominate one of these for a Nebula or other award–or if you just want a good read you missed in 2013, please consider these.


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