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December WiP-ing Along

Today’s WIP snippet: “It’s rare for them to know a ghost from a different time frame the same way you and I know living people. It’s not like there’s some ghostly party going on where they discuss their afterlives with … Continue reading

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Neither Winning nor Losing

My friend Robin MacPherson has an interesting blog post about “Losing” NaNoWriMo. What it boils down to is this quote from the piece: “Writing is not a race. Publishing is not a race. It’s a long game.” Writers are a … Continue reading

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What to Buy…

One more bit of BSP, though it’s not all for me. John Scalzi is starting his annual Holiday Buying Guides where us writer/maker/musician/creative types and charities can post info about our stuff for you guys to peruse. He’ll be doing … Continue reading

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No Longer November

It’s officially December which is, apparently Blatant Self-Promotion (BSP) Month for us author types (and other self-employed artistic/creative people). I always feel very uncomfortable pimping my work or myself, so here’s my BSP for the annual gifty season: consider buying … Continue reading

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Last NaNoPost of 2013

Here’s your last teaser from November: “They must have their apocalypse—their dead in legions unburied, an endless sea of bones….” As predicted, I didn’t make it to 50,000 words for the month of November, but the count wasn’t too far … Continue reading

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