No Longer November

It’s officially December which is, apparently Blatant Self-Promotion (BSP) Month for us author types (and other self-employed artistic/creative people). I always feel very uncomfortable pimping my work or myself, so here’s my BSP for the annual gifty season: consider buying books (preferably mine) for your friends and family. Or at least buying stuff made by people, not machines, or even not buying anything, but making some stuff yourself. Also, if you’re in the position to nominate a book for an award, you should do that–it makes us writer people very happy to know you thought so well of us and our work.

So there: that’s my BSP. Go forth, enjoy your friends and family, do good stuff, make good stuff, share good stuff.

I’m going back to work now.

About Kat Richardson

Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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