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Progress Note: Revenant November 13

WIP: Carlos opened the window at the front while Quinton hurried to do the same at the rear of the room, letting the night’s cool wind sweep the stink away on the weeping song of Lisbon. Meanwhile the WIP is … Continue reading

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Progress Note: REVENANT

From the current WIP: “I hadn’t thought I’d be gone so long,” Carlos said, “or I would have worked a very different ward over this place. It kept people out, perhaps too well, but had no effect on filth or … Continue reading

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Détente, or “I Just Can’t Be Bothered”

Jack is healing up nicely and I’m getting more done on REVENANT. Bella is getting along better with Jack. See: But she’s still not sure she should turn her back on him: “He’s right behind me isn’t he?” “Mwahahahahahaaaaa, the … Continue reading

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Official Revenant

Looky what’s official: The cover art for Greywalker #9–REVENANT! (shelf date: August 5, 2014) Do you not love it? Because I am head over heels for it! Many thanks to Christian McGrath for the gorgeous art and the Penguin art … Continue reading

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