Thanksgiving 2013

Traded jobs with Hubby today. So because of ferry delays I drove the 2 hours to fetch my mom and then 2 hours back home with her. Mr. Kat started the standing rib roast while I was on the road. Oven wouldn’t do Convection Roast at 200°F so it cooked a little fast (should have been 4-5 hours, was done in 3.5) and was pretty much done by 3:30 pm. So I got home with Mom in time to jump into finishing the au jus, boiling the butternut squash-and-potato dumplings and finishing them in browned butter and sage and warming rolls while the brocollini steamed and then finishing THAT in garlic butter. The roast stood a little long and was a bit cold but the food was DELICIOUS! Mom took a nap afterward and we watched The Mask of Zorro. Then she came down and joined us for Men in Black and birthday cake (it was her birthday yesterday) and we all had a lovely time. Oh My God the chocolate cake with fresh raspberry filling and whipped cream frosting was fantastic and the food was sooo good! I’m never cooking turkey for Thanksgiving AGAIN! EVER!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m still a traditionalist when it comes to thanksgiving, turkey but this year I braised it as opposed to roasting it and it was just so moist.

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