Many Kinds of Progress

First off: Bella and Jack are getting on much better now that they can play together outside and get in trouble.

They even joke around a bit.

And Jack feels secure enough to sleep outside his crate (on my foot, under my desk.)

They were even well enough behaved that I was able to get my job done early today!
Current total word count on REVENANT first draft is 52,338 words, with 3,054 added today for a NaNoCount of 35,290.

And here’s your excerpt for the day:
Then the bones are gathered into a chapel or a catacomb to make more room in the graveyard and to remind the people that, in life they are in the presence and shadow of death.

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4 Responses to Many Kinds of Progress

  1. nicci says:

    That’s great news on all fronts! Love Love that first picture. It looks like Jack is trying to be Bella’s mini me!

  2. redharparts says:

    Good news, all around. I, too, think that first photo is great.

  3. Aimee says:

    What did you say to get them to look at you like that? “Treat”? That would do it for Benny.

  4. I clicked my tongue and kicked the end of the wooden planter they were standing in.

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