My Own Personal Grey

ProgNote: REVENANT November 19


From the WIP:
“Oh, Ben,” Mara said. “Don’t be pestering the woman already. There’re children starving in Spain, you know.”

He looked at her and tried to appear contrite. “Are there? Are any of them black-haired Nixie-chasers?”

“No!” Brian shouted back, dragging up a blue chair next to Soraia’s red one and pulling himself into it. “I’m not starving. But Soraia and Martim are. C’mon, Dad. We want to eat!”

I should have realized that meals with the Danzigers wouldn’t have changed except to become more noisy as Brian got older.

*FiMyDaNo stats and stuff*
Well, I’m still on track. The manuscript is now at 49,284 words total after having added 3,257 today. The NaNoCount is currently also on track to the goal of 50K by the end of the month at a current month’s-count-to-date of 32,236 words. Some of this is terrible and it’s too long, which makes me a little worried that I’ll be running into overtime by the end, but at least it’s moving–and some of it’s even rather good,thanks.