ProgNote: REVENANT November 18

From the WiP:
Soraia hopped to her feet with the alacrity that only the very young have. “OK,” she said and reached for her mother’s hand while I helped Quinton to his feet. “I’ll protect you and Martim from the ghosts, mamãe,”
“Ghosts?” Sam asked, hefting the sleeping baby onto her hip. “Are you sure they aren’t fairies?”
Soraia made an exasperated face and sighed. “Mamãe! Can’t you tell a ghost from a fairy? Ghosts look like people—or the insides of people. Fairies look like fairies!”

I’ve slowed down a little to take some additional notes and do some quickie outlining, so my word count is not as high as I’d like but it’s moving better now. I am not sure what the word count over the weekend was, since a lot of it was on the outline and notes pages, which I don’t track. So…

Total word count on this manuscript is: 45,050
Total word count for NaNoWriMo-ish purposes: 28,002


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