Jackanapes, Co-Dependent Bear, and Things That Go *SPROING!*

Five minutes of Jack being very silly with “co-dependent bear” and a doorstop. (Yes, the bear says “I love you!” repeatedly.) This is why we call him “Jackanapes.”

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3 Responses to Jackanapes, Co-Dependent Bear, and Things That Go *SPROING!*

  1. Aimee says:

    So much for the expensive talking bear! Beat out by a doorstop…. Were you able to put the tip back on the door stop or is it better left off for the time being?

  2. lunadora says:

    Similar thing happened with our cat. I spent several hundred $$ on cat toys, scratching posts, beds, balls, cat nip accessories, stringie fish and mice…. loves the bread tie i dropped on the ground *sigh*.

  3. Due to the other dog’s tendency to “deconstruct” all stuffed toys, we don’t buy them new. The bear came from a thrift store and cost us only $1. If I’d realized it had a talking module I wouldn’t have purchased it (we try to buy only 100% soft toys, without hard eyes, noses, or beans, and certainly no mechanisms, but we compromise on the eyes a lot and we missed this stupid little thing in the paw, because I didn’t think to check there.) I “found” the module when a voice suddenly came from behind me while I was working and Jack was playing on the office floor and it startled me a bit to hear “I *love* you, I *love* you!” from the dog. He still likes the bear, even if the doorstop was a lot of fun.

    I did get the cap back onto the stop just fine and I hope it won’t come off again for a while.

    Jack is very easy to please where toys are concerned. We worry more about Bella, who is picky and hard on her toys.

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