Progress Note: REVENANT

From the current WIP: “I hadn’t thought I’d be gone so long,” Carlos said, “or I would have worked a very different ward over this place. It kept people out, perhaps too well, but had no effect on filth or vermin. I had expected the house to have changed in two hundred and fifty years, but I foolishly left this room exactly as it was. And thus… it is exactly as it is.”

And the manuscript stands at 35,824 words with a NaNoCount of 18,776. It’s still slower than I like but that will have to be addressed in the revision.


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5 Responses to Progress Note: REVENANT

  1. glad too see Carlos!

  2. Oh you’re going to see a LOT of Carlos in this book.

  3. *doing the happy dance* any brown chicken brown cow gonna go on?

  4. No. You’ll just have to make that up for yourself.

  5. Zeenat says:

    I’m a big Carlos fan!

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