The New Office Comes Together

I’m enjoying one of the very best things about my new desk: the heater vent is in easy toe-toasting range while working at the computer. Ahhhhh…!

See the office in it’s transient dusty glory on my G+ stream (because I just don’t have the energy or disk space here to upload and retag all those photos.)

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6 Responses to The New Office Comes Together

  1. Colleen H. says:

    The office looks great! I love the long multifunctional workspace. Is that a Hello Kitty clutch, and I think I have the same stuffed ferret (does it make a collection of ferret-y noises?). I’ve also looked at those halo lamps for my crafting/jewelry design, but for now, I’m still nearsighted enough that detail work isn’t an issue. Beyond 18″ is another matter! LOL!

    When you get the chance, come visit Santa Fe (or Albuquerque) for a book signing. 🙂 We have tons of Dia de los Muertos, Mexican, and New Mexican folk art — including masks — to pair with your calavera. Lots of raven/crow art, too, since we also have lots of Native American artists. Not to mention amazing food and breathtaking scenery.

  2. I would love to come to New Mexico, but I won’t be traveling any farther than Bellingham this year.

    One of the ferrets is missing, but none of them make noise. Oddly only the blue one is one I bought.

  3. Aimee says:

    I love the office, I wish mine were that big but I don’t see a dog bed.

  4. It was in the other room until I was done vacuuming. It’s there now.

  5. Colleen H. says:

    Given that Possession’s release date has passed and dealing with new pup/Bella adventures and new house to-do lists (can relate having just purchased one myself), I was thinking more in terms of next year for the release of Greywalker #9.

    And . . . a missing ferret? Oh, noes! It’s a good thing it’s only the stuffed variety. 😉

  6. Totally a good thing.

    I have only a few things on the agenda for next year, since I’m still in limbo on a lot of fronts. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot at the last minute.

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