The Solomon of Dogs….

Bella and Jack have to share a toy. They aren’t good at “share”—Bella being much larger just takes what she wants and tears it up unless told not to. So the obvious solution is to divide the toy, though somewhat unevenly.

Bella gets the purple monkey…

And Jack gets the heart.

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2 Responses to The Solomon of Dogs….

  1. Lol, looks like an equitable split.

  2. Cyndy Otty says:

    Dogs have a whole different view of what “sharing” is. Give two dogs the exact same bone, for instance, and eventually someone is going to take a bone from the other. 🙂 Which is why I never buy just one bone, by the way.

    Actually, around here that’s usually Uschi who then ends up with ALL THE TOYS. And if no one will actively try and take one from her (i.e, shows interest in playing) she’ll select one — hopefully their favorite — and bait them into chasing her around.

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