Puppy Follies

Jack the puppy knows he’s seriously cute. This is the only reason he–and Bella–are both still alive today. We got very little sleep last night, getting up every 2 hours to take him outside to “take a break” and still having to clean up “misses” as often as not. Today has been the same and Bella’s attitude has gone from “he’s adorable, can I keep him?” to “Imma EAT Jou, Puppeh!” And still taking him out to have a break every 1-2 hours…. so I haven’t gotten a lot done today between dealing with Jack, dealing with Bella trying to kill Jack, and cleaning up after Jack. He’s also a big tease: he runs up and “bows” at Bella, but when she starts to play with him, he gets overwhelmed and tries to hide behind me so I end up in the middle of Doggy Power Struggle. On the other hand… he is seriously cute.


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4 Responses to Puppy Follies

  1. Lymaree says:

    Did you miss the part where having a puppy IS having a baby? The only difference is that people don’t get sensible and put a diaper on the dog. Oh, and the dog will learn not to pee in the house much faster than a baby human. Next? Teething. Oh what fun!

  2. well, at least he is cute 🙂 my the force be with you during these early days

  3. Rae says:

    Who’s the softy?

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